My Story Thus Far…

Ihave spent the last 6 years of my life being an Audio Engineer. Countless hours in front of a computer screen doing tedious work and helping artist showcase their talents. I became way more strict with myself during this period of time.I quit my job as head engineer at my local studio and decided I only wanted to work on personal projects I felt attached too. This left me with a lot of free time and always kept me wondering what’s next.

I started working for Amazon during October of 2019. Immediately showcasing my Managerial skills. I had been managing artist for sometime as well as managing the operations of the entire studio. These skills quickly got me promoted to a Process Assistant, and I am now currently being prepped to be promoted as a Area Manager. But something was missing. I had expressed to my close friends that I felt the need for some sort of mental exercise or challange. I was becoming bored! I get very unmotivated when I feel like my full potential isn’t going into something or if something is not challenging for me.

And then one day it clicked. My younger years of attempting to create games with GameMaker and trying to run an entire online community clicked in. I had messed around with HTML, CSS, PHP, and C# during these years. Reading millions of tutorials and even running an actual demo of our attempt at a “Megaman EXE. MMORPG”. I remembered how satisfying it was to complete every little task I had set for myself. Setting boundaries for the characters to walk around the space correctly. Creating the online chat forum with mIRC . I was so astonished by what I was able to actually create.

The miracle of creation is something that keeps me going. During my years as an audio engineer I feel in love with the idea of creating things off pure imagination. One conversation would spark an idea in me or my artist head and we would just begin painting on our invisible canvas until there was something there we could both be happy about. I realized coding could give me that same liberty. Turning a blank HTML into a beautiful canvas of expression. I was locked in and i’m excited to say this is only the beginning of my technical journey.



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