#002 : try not to react

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Istarted project #002 with the idea of creating a stylish contact book. A CRUD web application that I could utilize and get some practice done with. I organized the different components I would need as well as looked into various libraries I could probably utilize within my application. Bootstrap is amazing! It makes styling your applications a breeze so you can focus on everything else.

I had to really prioritize my time well during this project because a lot of things were on my plate during this phase. I was offered an Area Manager position at my FC and was asked if I could relocate to Virginia Beach or Syracuse. I had spoke with my family and decided I would probably take the offer whenever it comes down to it. It would be a great growing experience.

I started by periodically completing different parts of my web application. Making sure my 10 contacts were rendered within my contact container. I had to then make sure I could add and remove different contacts. It got tricky updating the content. My teacher Alvee gave me some documentation I could focus on to really grasp what we were trying to get done from our backends.

I’m excited to move forward into Phase 003. I’m also really proud I completed this project with everything else going on!




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Jonathan Jimenez

Jonathan Jimenez

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