I began this project with the immediate thought of creating a music web application. Currently managing one musician I figured why not take this opportunity to create content for the brand. I ran into a number of issues along the way making this a bit more difficult than planned. I initially planned to use SoundClouds API….

It hurts……

My next plan was to maybe load up Spotify’s API but the need for OAUTH kind of made certain features I wanted within my Web Application for my client difficult. (Even the idea of ads within the playlist unless you were a premium user) These things kinda of limited the scope of people that would really be able to interact with the web application.

Now at this point i’m sitting on my laptop listening to Yeezus and start searching for other music related API’s. I stumbled upon an API of Kanye quotes and immediately started planning out what I needed to start working on.

Everything worked out pretty smooth! The only issue was my web application was displaying [object object] within my DIV! I contacted one of my friends within the tech industry and he walked me thru solving the issue. He taught me that every new error is bringing you closer to your solution. He told me that everything was probably working it was just not retrieving the data from my API. I figured out I wasn’t retrieving the correct information via my fetch. Once solved my project worked!

We’re Finished!!!

I did my project review with a brand new face! Thomas enjoyed the project and thought I did a great job. I told him what I originally intended my project to be and he actually walked me through the Spotify API and helped break down different aspects and how I could incorporate it into one of my personal projects!



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